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Visiting The Courtyard Workshop

Last weekend I visited my friend's jewellery shop in my home town of Stone, Staffordshire.

After years working in the jewellery and retail industry, 2022 saw Nikki step out on her own and create The Courtyard Workshop, nestled in a characterful old building on Radford St, just down from The Royal Exchange. I've fond memories of the building itself, as it's been in Nikki's family for years. Our teens were spent in the 1st floor rooms, getting drunk on half a can of carling and generally doing what normal teenagers do.

So I may be biased, but Nikki's jewellery inventions are AMAZING! I have soon realised I'm her perfect target customer, as she's creating exactly the sort of jewellery I clearly need to have in my life.

I'm a Stone lass, born and bred; being hugely proud of my roots, Nikki's Staffordshire Collection is right up my cobbly street. I've got the knot earrings, necklace, and am saving up to get a knot ring soon. Last week I went on one of Nikki's courses, to make a twisted ring. The twisted silver gives a lovely rope effect, so the boater in me was sold immediately. I ended up upgrading and turning my ring into a necklace, which I'll show you properly soon. Here's a Staffordshire Knot Lapel Pin, proudly worn on my friend Jo's tweed jacket.

Nikki also wanted some professional photos doing, so what better time for me to take some than at a workshop itself. I may have paid slightly too much attention to getting the right 'shot' and not enough time listening to her instructions - so don't look too closely at my necklace if you see me in person - it's certainly got 'character'!

If you'd like to see a little reel of me making my necklace click here. I haven't quite worked out how to embed instagram or facebook videos into this blog yet!

Head over to

to look at Nikki's work and to book a workshop. You can make a gorgeous piece of jewellery, with expert tuition, and really put your stamp on your creation. You can even have a coffee and a few biscuits whilst you're at it!

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