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It's only taken me 5 years...

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

I always know (roughly) how long I've been creating as 'Rose & Grace', because the name is born of the middle names of my two daughters. So in layman's terms, it's taken me just over 5 years to get a fully functioning website for my little corner of the web.

And here it is! Look around you! It's all pretty new and shiny. I've dedicated a few good weeks into creating it and getting all the content on, but if you see anything a miss, be a dear and let me know. I'm also currently not biting my nails due to imminent Maid of Honour duties, so if there's a typo anywhere, I'm just not used to typing with long nails.

For those that have magically found me, and don't know who I am - hello. My real name is Rebekah. I'm 32, I live on a boat in Cheshire with my hubby, daughters, a cat, dog and 9 cheeky chickens (the chickens don't live on the boat with us). I love black coffee, have an eclectic music taste, and more hobbies than I have time for.

Rose & Grace came about after a few years bumbling about doing semi professional and hobby photography. I shot a few Weddings and commercial gigs a year, but the pressure to get things right on the day was intense. After years of manipulating photos and playing around with visuals, I decided to start designing Wedding stationery - that way I could tweak things and send designs back and forth with a customer till I got it 100% perfect. With Wedding photography, you've kind of only got one chance...

A few successful years in the Wedding Stationery business and Covid hits, and nobody gets married. I turned my eye to drawing people's homes instead. This became hugely popular in time for the first Covid Christmas, and I thought it would be a Christmas buzz then die down afterwards - how wrong I was.

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