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Over the hills and far away...

Last week I bobbed over the hills and headed for Bollington.

On the drive over I mused about boats, drawings, coffee and everything in between. I passed a bright orange sign somewhere near Holmes Chapel, declaring in capitals "THIS IS A SIGN". Clever, but I don't think I've been looking for a sign recently. Thanks anyway.

I'd gone to Bollington to meet a new pal, and chat about a potentially exciting upcoming project. I can't say any more at the moment, but it's rather cool!

Having researched good, dog friendly cafes in the town (and asked for recommendations on Insta, obviously), Jo (of Holly the Cafe Boat fame) and I decided to meet at The Mulberry Leaf on Wellington Road. It's just a short walk from the Macclesfield Canal and served the most amazing breakfasts. Luckily I forgot to have breakfast before leaving Northwich, so I opted for a hearty something warm on sourdough. Classic. Jo had also cleverly forgotten to have breakfast beforehand.


After breakfast and a little mooch along the canal, I said farewell to Jo and headed to see another friend at Bollington Wharf for a coffee and a catch up. Having drawn my Cheshire Map just over a year ago, I then thought it was about time I visited one of the icons I'd drawn to depict Macclesfield. Ann Marie told me the best place to park; on a narrow road near to The Bulls Head. Ashby and I scurried up the hill and took the quickest, yet steepest route to White Nancy. The peak was covered in cloud and fog, so no view was had today - but we were pleasantly greeted with a flurry of snow - which was quite a thing to experience at White Nancy.

We continued our snowy and muddy (thank goodness for the Cotton Trader boots Matt got me for Christmas!) walk along the top to Kerridge Ridge Trig Point, and only crossed paths with one jogger and a chap with a young dog. I recall seeing a post recently about dog walkers completing all the trig points in Cheshire, so I may have to give that a go. Ashby wasn't so sure about the dizzying heights of the trig!

On the way back to Northwich I'd arranged to pop in to Knutsford to drop off a Personalised Cheshire Map with a customer. Clare showed me her beautiful home and her adorable dog Rocky. She lives not far from The Lambing Shed farm shop, which I've been meaning to visit for a while. As I had Ashby with me I couldn't go in the farm shop itself, but knew that a florist I've seen at The Artisan Market (Ox Eye Daisy) resides there - so called in anyway to meet the lovely Lou.

I picked up a few bulbs and some new (old looking) planters for them to go in. Since then, one has swiftly been adopted by Matt as our new coal I'd better get planting my bulbs. How rude!

Again, pondering life on the drive home, I was happy to discover I was driving directly behind (not tailgating I might add) a Lost Barn Coffee van! Their's is the very coffee that has nearly run out in my coffee jar at home. I've also seen they've opened a new cafe - yet another awesome place to try and visit at some point.

* Apologies to anyone who was disturbed by Ashby's barking in The Mulberry Leaf - he was a tad excited.

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